My Sponsors

EDEL Golf - the leader in short game technology. They are my official wedge sponsor. I have also used their irons and have used their putter for over 7 years. Having individualized equipment is very important, and EDEL Golf understands this. PRODUCT SPONSOR

Callaway Golf is my golf club, glove and ball sponsor. I have been using their equipment since age 12. I am very excited to continue promoting Callaway Golf as a professional. PRODUCT SPONSOR

Players Towel specializes in sport towels and golf towels for all athletes. Its unique Microfiber technology provides the best absorption and cleaning characteristics available. Players Towel is the most customizable golf towel on the market. You better believe mine is white and ORANGE - they include my NS logo, one of my nick names (Nat Nat) and my college logo.  PRODUCT SPONSOR

Philanthropic Interest

Orlando World Outreach Center is my home church in Orlando, FL. Any charity donations on my behalf will be sent directly to OWOC.

Amino Vital Golf is my official amino acid supplement provider. I use this before and after workouts as well as on the golf course when making the turn. PRODUCT SPONSOR

Stitch Golf makes all of my headcovers. Each one is custom, leather and handmade. I love my unique covers! PRODUCT SPONSOR

Golf Pride - More power and greater precision - the perfect grip. I have used all cord grips since I can remember. Nothing beats the Z-Grip Cord. PRODUCT SPONSOR

Garden of Life is my Official Protein and Supplement sponsor. USDA Organic, Non GMO Verified, Certified Gluten Free, Informed-Choice Trusted by Sport, Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy free - they have it all covered! We are a perfect fit - particularly with my dairy allergy! PRODUCT SPONSOR 

Imperial Headwear is my official visor sponsor. You can find me at any golf course sporting the 3161X - Performance Tour Visor! PRODUCT SPONSOR

Kentwool is my official sock sponsor. Their integrated technology process creates an optimal micro-climate feature that promotes wicking and comfort, and reduces friction, abrasion and muscle fatigue. PRODUCT SPONSOR

KBS are the official golf shafts for my irons and wedges. The KBS Tour series features the most advance steel shaft technology in the industry. PRODUCT SPONSOR